Reach all your best customers. Instantly.

Grow your business faster by getting your best customers to come back more often

...and spend more money when they do. (using the power of Text Marketing).

Stop wasting time and marketing dollars on...

Building a list of your best customers phone numbers is one of the most valuable assets you can own!

If you had to get the word out and communicate with your best customers instantly, would you be able to?

Turn-Key SMS Marketing System

SMS Marketing is an instant and powerful way to grow and optimize your business revenue in today's challenging markets. Text Messaging is the preferred method of today's consumers.

Intelligent Automation Builder

At the heart of Customer Machine is a simple yet robust point-and-click automation builder that anyone can use to build simple or complex SMS automations to send offers and notifications your SMS customers.

Lighting Fast Campaign Builder

To grow your list you need multiple ways to add your customers into your SMS database. Customer Engine has the most simple and easy-to-use Landing Page and Website Widget builder on the market.

Our powerful Text Marketing Platform adds monthly revenue to your business by utilising 4 core business growth mechanisms.


Generate NEW CUSTOMERS with perfectly designed offers and promotions.

You’ll be able to capture new leads and convert those leads into paying customers with our unique landing pages and custom built promotional campaigns.


Get existing customers to COME BACK MORE OFTEN by reminding them why they love your business.

You’ll be able to send out weekly automated messages that will remind your visitors that they need to come back in more often. (on average we increase your visit rate 2-4x per customer every month).


Get your existing customers to SPEND MORE when they do come back.

Not only will we get your best customers to come back more often… we’ll also get them to spend more when they do come back. This increases your bottom line without having to add new customers (and is at the core of how our system works).


Viral SMS Loops gives your customers the tools to create a huge buzz for any business by earning points and rewards for referring friends and promoting your brand through text messaging.

We have gamified list building using text messaging. There is no other platform on the planet currently doing this. Create a huge buzz for your business and generate leads on auto-pilot!

It's automated. It's simple.
It's your unfair advantage over the competition.

Make more money with Smarter SMS marketing
Turn one-time shoppers into repeat loyal buyers.

How Does Customer Machine Work?

Step 1: Potential customers subscribe to your text marketing via a keyword, landing page, or website widget.

Build your own high converting landing pages, website widgets, or keyword campaigns and be ready to start collecting subscribers in minutes (we built Customer Machine to be fast and easy to set up).

Step 2: Customer Machine automatically texts your subscribers special offers based on rules you set up. (or manually send offers on the fly)

We made it easy to send automatic responses and deals to your subscribers based on dates, keywords, or their responses back to you. You can set up your campaigns to run automatically and/or you  send out a deal manually if you want to drum up business on a slow day.

Step 3: Track and refine your campaigns using our revenue tracking dashboard.

We make it easy to track when a customer redeems an offer that you send out. You’ll always know the most effective campaigns and you’ll never be left guessing whether or not your text marketing is working or not.

Step 4: Supercharge your customer SMS list building efforts using the viral nature of sharing....

We have gamified list building using text messaging. There is no other platform on the planet currently doing this. Create a huge buzz for your business and generate leads on auto-pilot!

Customer Machine’s new campaign type is called “Loops” and it allows your customers to promote your brand and help you build your SMS marketing list faster than ever before with a new viral looping feature.

Grow and Improve your SMS list

With high converting Landing Pages, Website Widgets and Text-in-a-keyword campaigns building your SMS list has never been easier.

Send Smart Promos with Ease

Increase engagement with SMS marketing, and tailor your messaging and promos with keyword based audience segments.

Turn Customers into Loyalists

Know who your best customers are and reward them. Use automations to nurture customers post-purchase and make them loyal for life.

Why Text Message Marketing?

Polls show people prefer text messages and successful businesses use SMS to achieve better results:


SMS redemption rates over a physical voucher


of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes


of people prefer receiving a text message over an email


higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.


of mobile coupons are shared with at least 1 friend


of North Americans would like to receive mobile coupons from their favorite business

Current stats prove that Social Media and Email are actually some of the hardest ways to reliably communicate with customers.

Instagram Followers that will actually see your posts...
All Facebook Posts that ever get read...
Email Newsletters managing to be delivered / opened... (all industries overall average in 2021)
Text Messages read and responded to (usually within 1-5 minutes)

Slow day?... Important Notification?...
If you had to get the word out and communicate instantly with your customers, would you be able to?

Watch us send a highly visible time-sensitive offer to our customers in under a minute...

The Core Features

A simple yet powerful set of SMS Marketing Tools for growing your customer list and optimizing your monthly revenue.

Landing Page / Widget Builder

Our Simple 3 Step Campaign Builder allows anyone who has even the most basic computer skills to build stylish SMS Marketing Landing Pages and Website Widgets lightning fast. 

No Coding Experience Needed!

Step 1: Name your campaign and assign it a “Keyword” – Basic

Step 2: Use the Simple Builder to add your Logo, Styles and Copy quickly and easy. – Basic

Step 3: Give your generated 1 line of Code to your web developer to add to your website. – Basic

Widget Builder

Campaign Automations

Build Super powerful SMS campaign automations to do all the heavy lifting on auto-pilot with the click of a few buttons.

Start your Campaigns off with simple triggers for “Redeeming Offers”, “Birthday’s”, “Special Dates”, or “Keywords Triggered”.

An Automation can be set up with special ‘actions’ to send alerts/notifications, Delay sending by minutes, hours, days, If/Else conditions, Collect data, and much more in a logical order.

Creating automations is super simple yet unbelievably powerful! They are the heart of successful campaigns.

SMS Broadcasting

Send out SMS Text Message special offers, discount codes, or general news and info on the fly (or schedule for a later date) to your list of customers based on the keywords they are subscribed to (yes you can segment your list by keywords).

Have a slow day and want to drum up some extra business? This is the perfect solution.

Want to schedule out 3 months’ worth of weekly broadcasts? you can do that too! 

SMS Broadcasts is your Profit Optimizing Solution!

You can even send out a broadcast directly from your cell phone to your list on the fly without ever having to log into the system (while still keeping your personal phone number private).

Revenue Tracking and Redemption Dashboard

We make it easy to track when a customer redeems an offer that you send out. You’ll always know the most effective campaigns and you’ll never be left guessing whether or not your text marketing is working or not.

Customer SMS List Manager

Manage your SMS customer list with ease. Add/Edit or Delete a contact manually.

Sort and view your customers based on redemption amounts to give you a bird’s eye view on who is your best customers.

Segment smaller groups or customers by assigning new keywords to one contact or many at once (contacts can be in multiple segments). This would allow you to give a special keyword to your best customers so that you can send special or private Broadcasts to those customers only.

SMS Viral Loops

Customer Machine’s new campaign type is called “Loops” and it allows your customers to promote your brand and help you build your SMS marketing list faster than ever before with a new viral looping feature.

Customers sign-up to your list on a “Loops” landing page for a special offer or promotion and get their own unique referral URL as well.

Your customers earn points and rewards for referring friends and promoting your brand through text messaging. Your business Generates Warm Leads Faster thru the ‘Viral’ nature of sharing.

Customers unlock new offers once reaching certain reward levels. Smart automations then kick-in and send SMS coupon codes to redeem at your location for that reward (plus follow-up reminders to remind them to take action).

Simple and Powerful Features...

Blast Bulk Text Messages.

Customer Machine makes sending bulk text messaging a breeze. The process is way easier than sending emailblasts! Reach all of your BEST customers or segmented lists in real-time with one message broadcast.

Text Keyword To Join.

Customers can join your VIP lists and campaigns simply by texting in a keyword to your marketing number from their own phones! Each keyword then becomes its own unique list segment or group.

Trackable Promo Codes.

Customer Machine allows you to send a unique, trackable, 1-time use promo code to your customers thru various ways, like when they subscribe, inside a broadcast message, or thru an automation sequence. Each code is always unique to the customer and trackable.

Personalized Text Messages.

Include customers’ names in your text messages using dynamic insertion codes to give a one-to-one, personal feel to your campaigns. Celebrate birthdays with special offers. Track your most loyal customers and send unique deals.

Dynamic Expiration Dates.

Set a specific expiration time for each of your promo codes. Customer Mchine can be programmed to automatically send timely reminders to create an urgency to your customers that haven’t yet redeemed their codes in time.

Sequenced Text Campaigns.

Send a perfectly sequenced series of automated time-delayed text messages to customers after they subscribe to your campaign. It’s great for introducing yourself and your business, collecting more information from them, striking up a 2-way text message conversation or getting them to take action on something.

Segment Your Customers.

Every customer can have unlimited keywords assigned to them which allows you to easily segment them and create smaller lists of customers who are most receptive to specific products, services, events, and more.  Because everything is trackable, you will know the best campaigns to run more often.

Broadcast On-The-Go.

Whether you are at the office, on the run, or on the beach relaxing, you can send Customer Machine broadcast messages quickly using your own phone without even logging into the dashboard. You’ll never reveal your own personal private number and never use your own carrier rates and fees (you’ll use your Customer Machine credits).

Flexible Campaign Scheduling.

Set it and forget it! Plan out months in advance and let Customer Machine work on auto-pilot. Schedule exclusive offers, holiday promos, birthday rewards, seasonal and events-based campaigns in advance with specific dates and triggers. Any date, any time, any segment of your list.

Watch us set up a Customer Machine campaign in under 5 minutes...

Who is Customer Machine for?

Virtually any business can benefit from the power of SMS Marketing. If you don't have an SMS customer list that you can market to in 2021 you are going to lose out to the competition.

Here is a shortlist of businesses you could really benefit from Customer Machine

How are current Customer Machine businesses using it?

Some of the most common ways businesses are using Customer Machine is for:


Percentage Off Deals •  BOGO Offers • Redemption Offers (send out an offer after they redeem the current one)
• Training Sessions Reminders • FREE Offers • Pre-Market Alert Lists • Private Deals • Seasonal reminders / Offers


(send special offers to the customer on their birthday, or significant other B-day reminder)


Church Alerts, Prayer Chains

Let us map out your entire SMS marketing strategy for the next 90 days & beyond...


Am i locked into a contract?

Nope! Cancel anytime (alhough we are sure you’ll never want to) simply by contacting us.

Can i really do this myself?

Absolutely! Our platform is so simple and intuitive to use that we have been able to teach people with very little computer skills to use it and get amazing results with it. You will have 24/7 access video training of every aspect of using the system that you be a master SMS marketer in no time flat! As well you can contact our support anytime for help. 

What currency are your prices in?

Our prices are in CAD Canadian Dollars. Ontario and Canadian taxes will be charged  on all invoices.

What are keywords used for?

Keywords allow people to join your SMS marketing list by texting a word to your number. The process is very simple. When a customer sends your textword to your number, we’ll send your customized auto-reply back and we’ll add that person to your text messaging list. Each textword represents its own list.

Why do i have to wait up to 24hrs before being able to access the software?

Our team needs time to provision your account and setup your unique private SMS phone number for sending SMS messages. In some cases we can have this done very quickly but we like allow adequate time just in case. Once your account is ready you will receive some emails from us with your login information and access to your training resources.

What if I'm too busy to create the landing pages, automations and broadcasts every month?

Customer Machine does have a service in which we will do all the work for you at and additional monthly cost. All we will need from you is the deals and promotions you want to give out and we will take care of these rest. Every situation is unique so feel free to contact us for a custom quote. 

Does SMS marketing really work?

We can pretty much guarantee that if you use the system on a regular basis and make sure all your staff use it that your business will see great results and ROI

What if I go over my monthly message allowance?
We’ve heard nightmares about companies charging overage fees to their customers for going past their monthly text allowance. no surprise charges, ever!

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