Supercharge your customer SMS list building efforts using the viral nature of sharing.

We have gamified list building using text messaging. There is no other platform on the planet currently doing this. Create a huge buzz for your business and generate leads on auto-pilot!

Customer Machine’s new campaign type is called “Loops” and it allows your customers to promote your brand and help you build your SMS marketing list faster than ever before with a new viral looping feature.

Customers sign-up to your list on a “Loops” landing page for a special offer or promotion and get their own unique referral url as well.

Your customers earn points and rewards for referring friends and promoting your brand through text messaging. Your business Generates Warm Leads Faster thru the ‘Viral’ nature of sharing.

Customers unlock new offers once reaching certain reward levels. Smart automations then send SMS coupon codes to redeem at your location for that reward (plus follow-up reminders to remind them to take action).

You setup as many reward offers as you like and control how many points they get for their actions. They can always see how many points they have with their own “Points Page” link.

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